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Programming & Developer Links

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General Links

Dave Programming Links

Ralf Brown Interrupt List

Software Manufacture (FoxPro Programmer Links)
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.admin - Lotus Notes system administration.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.apps - application software for Lotus Notes.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.misc - Lotus Notes related discussions.
comp.groupware.lotus-notes.programmer - programming for Lotus Notes.
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Programming Links on Windows API, VB, Delphi

Turbo Pascal Programmers Page

Great Assembly Language Articles :

Great Assembly Language Sites :

The following are some great pages on assembly language :



Great QBasic/QuickBasic/Visual Basic programming Articles :

Great QBasic/QuickBasic/Visual Basic programming Sites :


Great C / C++ Articles :

Great C programming Sites :

Great Pascal and Delphi Articles :

Great Pascal and Delphi Sites :


Great Unix Programming Articles :

Great Unix programming Sites :

Game Programming Sites :

Learning any new language can be difficult, particularly when you are moving from a procedural language to your first object-orientated language. To get you started, I've written some tutorials for the beginning programmer, and have written some book reviews to point you in the right direction.

Books, Tutorials, Online resources

Java tutorials :

The follwoing tutorial links are aimed at the beginner, teaching Java programming concepts and introducing the language. All future tutorials will now be published as part of the Java Coffee Break.

Java Online resources

Java Development Tools

Java is a relatively new language, but there are some surprisingly good tools out there now that can make your life easier.


Great WWW & Internet Programming links :

Great WWW & Internet programming links :

Useful FTP and archive sites

Useful USENET newsgroups

NB - To view these newsgroups, you will need either a news capable browser, such as Netscape, or a seperate newsreader

Mainframe Programming

Mainframe Programming Resources Links (DB2, Cobol, S/390, CICS, MVS)

Source Code Archive

The source code archive contains essential programming tutorials, references and archives of code, on a wide variety of topics and categorised for quick access. If there is programming information or tutorials you feel should be listed here, then drop me a note and I'll try to add it.

David's tutorials

Many of my tutorials contain source code for sample programs, as well as the original HTML document. A selection of these are available for download here; other tutorials contain separate links for tutorial source code.

Game Programming

The PC Game Programmers Encyclopedia is the ultimate reference for would-be game programmers. Containing articles on assembly language programming, graphics, sound and memory management techniques, this is a must download!

For all those who have an interest in 3D graphics and games, the full source code for Wolf3D has been publicly released by ID software! Read the disclaimer, then download Wolf3D source.


The Asphixia Graphics tutorials contain example source code for demo-style graphical effects, as well as covering basic animation and use of inline assembly language in Turbo Pascal to handle VGA graphics. These tutorials are a valuable source of information for Pascal graphic programmers.

While the Asphixia graphics tutorials are handy for learning a particular aspect of graphics programming, each tutorial does not contain a large number of examples. Bjarke Viksoe has put together a collection of graphical demo source code, ranging from gouraud shading to scrollers and 3D graphics.

Java Programming

Both Microsoft and Sun are now offering system development kits for Java programming. The Sun SDK has some great sample source code, and the Microsoft SDK has some extra utilities, such as a class -> exe compiler.

Misc. Links

Here is a collection of programming links submitted by readers. At this stage they are unsorted, but a brief description has been provided for each.

Great Web Sites for Programmers :

Useful FTP and archive sites

Useful USENET newsgroups

NB - To view these newsgroups, you will need either a news capable browser, such as Netscape, or a seperate newsreader

PS Emulator


Virus programming & Related Links



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