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FTP/File Grabbing Tools
FTP is the basic method for the files exchange (download or upload) on the Internet. FTP got lots of line command to operate especially in Unix environment. FTP tools can help to simplify the files exchange operations in GUI approach. Also, to grab files from the Internet, you may need to click the mouse and save them through the browser, file grabbing tools help to automate the operations, download the entire Web for reading offline, and also help to resume the download when the link is terminated during file transfer.

Famous FTP software, list the remote and local files, chmod, change remote directory.
CuteFTP HomePage:

Winzip - uncompress most of the downloaded file
GetRight   中文化程式  FTP/HTTP download Scheduled and Resume Download
BulletProof FTP   中文化程式
Bullet can pass the firewall, and d/l with nested directories
Go!Zilla 3.0   中文化程式
Download with resume and find the nearest servers

Netvampire Freeware FTP/HTTP download software, resume Download written by Russian
FTP Icon Connection MainPage:
FtpWolf Main Page:
FTP Voyager

File Grabbing & web sucking
Telport Pro 1.29 pro12.exe Teleport Pro v1.29 Build 431(Big5)
good offline browser, grab the whole website to read offline
Like her name, suck your blood to
Anawave Web Sanke
like Telport Pro