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ACDSee 2.3  下載程式 相關網頁
HyperSnap-DX 3.2  下載程式 相關網頁
非常強勁的 capture 軟件,能 cap DirectX,3DFX games,有多種 capture 方法
JPEG Optimizer 2.02  下載程式 相關網頁
Paint Shop Pro 5.01  下載程式 相關網頁
Paint Shop Pro 是一套專業級的畫圖工具,足以媲美PhotoShop 且價錢便宜數倍。除了支援超過卅個檔案格式外,它也提供 Layer 功能,讓您編輯多個 Layer 後再結合為一並且可以讓每個 Layer 都擁有不同的特殊效果,使您在編輯上方便許多,修改時也可以僅針 對某個Layer 進行修改而不必全圖重新製作!另外,內建的畫面頡取功能讓您頡取任何螢幕畫面進行編修,再利用其多種特殊效果及製作網頁用按鈕等功能製作專業級的圖案。在這一最新的版本中,它結合了讓您製作動畫的程式,您可以在安裝時選擇是否要安裝這一個程式。如果您需要一個專業級的繪圖軟體卻又無多餘經費購買PhotoShop 或 Corel Draw,此套軟體將是您最佳的選擇。
Irfanview32 2.85 (HomePage)
a very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use) 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze95 and Windows NT
PhotoImpact4.0 中
台灣公司友立出的一套繪圖軟體. 還不錯.
Cool 3D  1.0 英  中文化程式
Ulead Smart Saver 3.0

MS-GIF animator Simple to use, and that it's free is good but there is not so much more either. If you just should do a simple animation this could be your chioce, becuase here is all the basic features anyway.
GIF const. set

Ulead GIF Animator Windows (32-bit)
Ulead GIF Animator is an extremely intuitive, easy to use tool for designing, producing and optimizing GIF animations. Ulead GIF Animator has quickly become the industry standard.

Ulead Web Razor Windows (32-bit)
This suite of integrated utilities is THE answer to image design, production, optimization, management and image HTML-ization for Web page creation.

GIF Movie Gear Windows (32-bit)
combining an intuitive interface with powerful optimization and manipulation tools, GIF Movie Gear makes GIF animation building easy. This is a professional level tool for the professional Web designer or those who want to be.

CPIC (CompuPIC) Windows (16-bit)  Windows (32-bit)  Macintosh (68k processor)  Macintosh (PowerPC)
CPIC - The all in one graphics utility: View, thumbnail browse, convert, catalog, crop, edit, print, create slideshows, make wallpaper and screensavers -- all with unmatched multitasking speed!

Applet Marquee Wizard Windows (32-bit)
With the Applet Marquee Wizard anyone can easily create smooth scrolling Java banners. These applets can easily be integrated into any web page without any programming experience.