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Screensaver, themes, Logo.sys + Fun Stuff

FREE Windows 95, 98, NT Screen Saver maker

When you're using Netscape/Microsoft Internet Explorer, want to set the picture online as the wallpaper, right click the picture, and select "set as Wallpaper".

A shortcut to set up the wallpaper and screensaver in Windows 95/98, right click the mouse on the desktop area and choose properties. Select the wallpaper tab or the screensaver tab.

The Pineapplehead Juicer is a totally free software application
that allows you to create fully installable Windows Screen Savers
from any BMP image. Get your copy from CLICK HERE
there are no time out limits or other restrictions on the use of this software.

Find a lot of different nice screensavers!!!

Fun Wall Paper (about Bill Gates)

Double click program and keep getting more sheep to play on your screen. To get rid of them or adjust their volume and behavior--double click each sheep individually. If you leave them on your screen for a while, they do really fun stuff like get sucked up by a UFO and get caught on fire!

ALIENZ. This is more of a movie.Watch the alien space ship prey on unsuspecting citizens! (220K)
 To remove a sheep, right click one and click "Remove" on the menu

Spit Wad. Hit the teacher! A fun one. (856K)

Hung Over. Click and then try to get this window closed!

Desktop Toilet 2.0 Popular shareware recycle bin icon changer

Easy Screen Saver Creator 4.0 Demo Version

Super Fred is a DesktopBuddy ? - a new type of animated cartoon series for computer desktop which will entertain you while you work or play.
Watch Fred walk, fall, whistle, pick his nose, sleep, drink and do dozen other silly things right on your desktop even when you work on something else.
This excellent alternative or addition to screen-savers will sure make your day more pleasant... or is it?

Monster Eyes '95 Now a native 32 bit app and better than ever. If you're running Windows '95 you want to download this application NOW ! (Creepy eyes follow your mouse around). You won't be dissapointed!

WinEye for Windows
A  fun little program that places two eyes on your desktop that are always looking at your mouse cursor, wherever it is on your screen. And sometimes the eyes blink - just like real eyes do ... The eyes are hidden automatically if you want to have access to the area on the screen behind them.


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