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LAN, WAN, Comms Resources

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Information for Internet Service Providers

China Eduaction & Research Network

Books & Magazine

Messaging Solution

Netware Related Netware 5 Beta Review

Microsoft Systems/OS Products - Windows 98 Reviews

TCP/IP Related & Internet

IPV6 Info

IP Multicast

PPTP  Routing Protocol

Other Desktop Protocols

IBM Networking (SNA)

IBM developed Systems Network Architecture (SNA), two forms of SNA developed: Subareas (SNA Classic) managed by mainframes, and APPN (New SNA) based on networks of minicomputers

Internetworking Technologies

X.25   was developed by the common carriers, it defines a telephone network for data communications

ATM combines the strengths of time-division multiplexing (TDM)---whose fixed time slots are used by telephone companies to deliver voice without distortion---with the strengths of packet-switching data networks---whose variable size data units are used by computer networks, such as the Internet, to deliver data efficiently. While building on the strengths of TDM, ATM avoids the weaknesses of TDM (which wastes bandwidth by transmitting the fixed time slots even when no one is speaking) and PSDNs (which cannot accommodate time-sensitive traffic, such as voice and video, because PSDNs are designed for transmitting bursty data). By using fixed sized cells, ATM combines the isochronicity of TDM with the efficiency of PSDN.

Frame Relay provides a packet-switching data communications capability that is used across the interface between user devices (for example, routers, bridges, host machines) and network equipment (for example, switching nodes)


Bridges connected and enabled packet forwarding between homogeneous networks. Translational bridging provides translation between the formats and transit principles of different media types (usually Ethernet and Token Ring). Source-route transparent bridging combines the algorithms of transparent bridging and source-route bridging to allow communication in mixed Ethernet/Token Ring environments




Internet Standards/Resources/RFC's/FAQ's, etc

InterNIC Directory and Database Services
InterNIC Registration Services
The Routing Arbiter
Active IETF Working Groups
IETF Home Page
OSU/CIS Web Services (RFC'S and FAQ's)

The names on the books that should be on your shelf

Data Communication Links

Remote Access

Network Management

Vendor WWW Sites


DNS/BIND and Nameservices

Network Buyer Guide provides information on the computer storage and networking industry. It features a searchable database of products, links to vendor websites, a library of white papers, press releases, online product presentations, and more. FREE listing to vendors.

Site Preparation for Networking Installation

Checklist, Power Consumption, Cables, Physical Location, Air-conditioning, Telecommunication Links, etc.

The Switching Book - Xylan

Internet resources

100 VG Anylan Consortium
The 100 VG AnyLAN Consortium tests products for interoperatibility and conformance to the 100 VG AnyLAN standard and also publishes a newsletter about AnyLAN technology.

ACC Systems ISDN Primer
Learn the basics about ISDN and its various components. Sponsored by ACC systems, a manufacturer of communications products.
ACC's glossary of networking terms is at

American Electronics Association (AEA)
Trade group representing the electronics, software, and information technology industry. Founded in 1943 with 25 member companies, the organization now maintains a membership of 3000 firms.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Online
This site has been designed to provide the Institute's members and customers with convenient access to information on the ANSI Federation and the latest national and international standards-related activities. ANSI Online also offers links to a number of our member's web sites and to other key national and international organizations.

ANSI T1 Committee
Committee T1 is sponsored by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions and accredited by the American National Standards Institute to create network interconnections and interoperability standards for the United States.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Forum
The ADSL Forum addresses technical and market issues for ADSL access network systems. The web site presents tutorial information and various tracts on overall market structures and forces.

ATM at Work Maintained by Access Media, this site includes case studies, a hypertext version of a Fortune magazine article on ATM, animated tutorials, and more.

ATM Forum
The body that sets the standards for ATM. This is their official site. Come here for updates on ATM standards, information on the ATM standards committee and other ATM information.
Main page:
To order off-line technical documents:
White papers:
Acronym handbook:
Educational module, About ATM:

ATM KnowledgeBase
General information about ATM technology. Information on ATM standards as well as information regarding ATM deployment in various industries.

ATM Links -- Trinity College Dublin, Networks and Telecommunications Research Group
A growing list of useful links, plus some valuable tutorials on ATM.
ATM overview:

ATM resources
A collection of 230 useful links to ATM related information and WWW sites, including directories of chips with ATM functionality and ATM network interface cards. The site is maintained by Christian Paetz of the University of Chemnitz

Black Box Glossary of Networking Terms
Wondering what all those acronyms mean? This is our favorite place to find out. Black Box also has a large catalog of networking products.

Broadcast ISDN User Guide and Directory
"Everything you ever wanted to know about ISDN."
Broadcast ISDN Glossary:

Cell-Relay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
An excellent building block of Cell Relay (ATM) knowledge. Maintained by Carl
Symborkski who can be reached by internet mail at

Cell Relay Retreat
An indispensible ATM resource.
Main page:
ATM dictionary:
ATM acronym list:

Cisco Systems

Computer and Communications Entry Page
Maintained by the Advanced Telecommunications Program, Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory. The section on Standards has direct links to info on ATM,
Ethernet, FDDI, SMDS, and much more.

Corning Optical Fiber Information Center
The industry's most extensive information resource on optical fiber. Includes a
downloadable tutorial on fiberoptics.

Cross-Industry Working Team
A multi-industry coalition committed to defining the architecture and key technical
requirements for a powerful, sustainable national information infrastructure (NII).

Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
A wonderful starting point for information about ISDN. Links to various RBOCs as
well as information regarding ISDN deployment, vendors, and technology.

Dan Kegel's Fast Ethernet Page
Dan Kegel's collection of information about Fast Ethernet (100BaseT) technology,
standards, and vendors.

Data Communications Home Page (Randy Baker)
Dedicated to continually identifying educational resources (among all the marketing
materials) that will help you learn about a technology or a concept. Students and
professionals alike should find the links in these pages beneficial for research or for
personal development. The site is maintained by Randy Baker who occassionly
teaches at Georgian College.

This networking consultancy's site includes many documents in a searchable archive
and an annotated list of white papers on routing and switching, quality of service, the
business case for ATM, virtual LANs, and more

Desktop ATM25 Alliance

Desktop Video Conferencing Product Survey
Hundreds of products for video conferencing are listed, along with additional
video-related links. The site is maintained by Kathy Hewitt at North Carolina State

Federal Standard 1037, Glossary of Telecommunication Terms

Ethernet Page
An extensive collection of information about Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) local area
network technology, including both the original 10-Mbps system and the 100-Mbps
Fast Ethernet system.

Fast Ethernet Consortium
The Fast Ethernet Consortium tests Fast Ethernet (IEEE802.3u) products and software from both an interoperability and conformance perspective. Find out about their results and their structure.

FDDI Consortium (University of New Hampshire)
The FDDI Consortium develops standards and disseminates information related to FDDI technology.

Frame Relay FAQ
From the newsgroup comp.dcom.isdn

Frame Relay Forum
The Frame Relay Forum is an association of corporate members comprising vendors, carriers, users and consultants committed to the implementation of Frame Relay in accordance with national and international standards. The group was formed in 1991and maintains chapters in North America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan. or
Overview of frame relay:
Frame relay specifications:

Frame Relay Resources (Motorola ISG)
An exhaustive list of Frame Relay material, hosted by Motorola's Information Systems Group

Gary Zaret's High Bandwidth Web Page
A useful list of links compiled by someone who claims not to be a professional in the field. (Yeah, right.)

Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
The Gigabit Ethernet Alliance (GEA) is an open forum whose purpose is to promote
industry cooperation in the development of Gigabit Ethernet.

GSM World, Webring of a list of GSM websites

GSM related links

Henning Schulzrinne's Research Interests
Information on IP multicast, ATM protocol, real-time transport protocol (RTP), and other issues, maintained by the head of the Internet Real-Time Lab at Columbia.

High Bandwidth Web Page
Links on DSL, ISDN, ATM, frame relay, gigabit Ethernet, and other topics. The site is maintained by Specialty Access Consulting

High-Speed Interconnect (HSI) Project at CERN
Good basic info on ATM, HIPPI, SCI, etc.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
The standards body's home page. Information about standards and the standards committees.

Interactive Network Design Manual from CMP Media
Essays on troubleshooting Ethernet and Token Ring, TCP/IP firewalls, upgrading backbones, building intranets, and more. Includes a list of additional links also available as a downloadable,

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
The ISO is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 100 countries, one from each country. ISO is a non-governmental organization established in 1947. The mission of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological, and economic activity.
ISO's links to other standards-information Web servers:

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
The ITU, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is an international organization within which governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
The Internet Engineering Task Force is the protocol engineering and development arm of the Internet. The IETF is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. It is open to any interested individual.

Internet Society
The Internet Society is a non-governmental International organization for global cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications. The Society's individual and organizational members are bound by a common stake in maintaining the viability and global scaling of the Internet.

Internet Standards
How the standards that make the Internet possible are developed.

InterNIC Directory and Database Services
Internet documentation (RFC's, FYI's, etc.) and IETF Information. Info on on-line X.500 implementations, directories of Internet resources, and more. Provided by AT&T Corp. in cooperation with the National Science Foundation

InterNIC Registration Services
How to register domain names, network numbers, ASNs, etc. Includes FAQs, templates, fee information. Provided by Network Solutions, Inc., in cooperation with the National Science Foundation

Introduction to Auto-Negotiation
The auto-negotiation system for automatically configuring a Fast Ethernet hub, described by Bill Bunch of National Semiconductor.

IP Multicast Inititative
The IP Multicast Initiative (IPMI) is a multi-vendor forum and service subscription package. Through aggressive education, marketing, PR and technology programs, IPMI is accelerating the deployment of IP Multicast on intranets and the Internet; providing strategic business, market, and technology information to its members; stimulating a new market and creating business opportunities for its members.

ISDN Informationbase
Maintained by student volunteers at Brussels Free University.

James Sterbenz ATM Critique and Tutorial Page
A more-pessimistic-than-most analysis of what it takes to marry ATM to IP, plus a 100-page tutorial on ATM.

National Coordinating Office for High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC)
In FY 1996 the HPCC Program is a $1.1 billion effort that is planned and implemented by 12 Federal organizations. HPCC R&D is conducted at U.S. academic institutions, corporations, and Federal R&D laboratories; a variety of funding mechanisms are used.

National Telecommunications & Information Administration
Info on spectrum management, telecom research and technology, public policy, grants
and assistance.

Network Bibliography
Searchable index of 29,000 references to journal articles, conference papers, and
technical reports. The database covers performance evaluation, computer networks,
computer supported cooperative work, network security, digital signal processing and
related topics.

Noritoshi Demizu's List of Internetworking Resources
Sections on high-performance switches, satellite communications, multicasting and the
MBone, and much more. Maintained by an engineer at the Sony Computer Science

Novell Incorporated
Extensive information regarding Novell NetWare, its protocols and networking.

Quick Reference Guides to 100-Mbps Fast Ethernet
Charles Spurgeon's tutorials on Ethernet, 100-Mbps media, auto-negotiation,
multi-segment configuration, and more.

Raj Jain's Page
Selected references on networking, including Professor Jain's lectures in HTML and
live via the MBone.

SMDS Interest Group (SIG)

Special Interest Group on Data Communications (SIGCOMM) of the Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. (ACM)
SIGCOMM is a professional forum for the discussion of issues in the field of data communications and computer networks. Current emphases are on the architectures, protocols, design, analysis, measurement, maintenance, regulatory policy, standards, applications, and social impact of computer networks and computer communications systems.

Strategic Networks Switched Technology Evaluations
Reviews of various switch products. Products range from switched Ethernet ports to
ATM products.

Systems Research Group of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Research projects related to networks, operating systems, and multimedia

Technical Committee on Gigabit Networking (TCGN)
Established by the IEEE Communications society.

Telecom Information Resources on the Internet (University of Michigan)
There are now over 2000 links. This list is being frequently expanded and updated.

TEN-34: The Information Superhighway for European R&D
TEN-34 is a high speed pan-European interconnect facility between the national
research networks. The TEN-34 Consortium consists of sixteen national (and one
regional) European research networks with DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network
Technology to Europe) as coordinating partner. The site includes links to other
high-speed network projects in Europe.

Token Ring Network Overview (Louisiana State University)
Basic information about token ring and token ring networks.

The Tolly Group
Network product test results and industry studies. Includes an archive of Mr. Tolly's column in Network World.

UC Berkeley Networking Research Group Home Page
Learn about networking with the students and faculty of University of California Berkeley. Information about ATM research, information control and resource allocation for ATM networks, and Internet billing and pricing to name just a few topics on this site.

Very High Speed Backbone Network Service(vBNS)
The purpose of this page is to introduce to the Internet community MCI's high-speed network in support of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and to provide access to vBNS network statistics, a schedule of events and activities, and detailed site configurations to support NSF-funded network researchers.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library section on Communications and Telecommunications
A comprehensive list of communications and telecommunications on the World Wide Web. Topics listed range from Broadband ATM to Telemedicine.

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