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  Security: Internet
The World Wide Web Security FAQ Rather regularly updating FAQ collection. Available as an archive at
W3C Security Resources  
ISS Vulnerability Database Bugs of Unix, NT, FAQ collections

  Hack Links
Cult of the Dead Cow "The oldest working group of computer underground". 
L0pht Heavy Industries One more hackers group. Something new - NT crack program
Nomad Mobile Research Centre NT, Netware, Web hack FAQs, different utilities
The New Hacker's Dictionary Very popular colletion of hacker jargon. A lot of mirrors are available. Was started in 1975Ç. Last version - 4.0.0, 25.07.96. 
The Hacker Crackdown:
Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier
Bruce Sterling's bestseller concerning computer crimes. It can be found here and here... I can guarantee several thousands hits in search
DigiCrime, Inc Test your humor sense
Acid Crash (Australia)
China Crack Zone (CN)

  Windows NT - security, bugs
NT Research  
NT Security - Frequently Asked Questions by Robert Malmgren  
Microsoft Security Adivsor Program  
Known NT Exploits  
Microsoft-Windows NT Security in Theory and Practice  
NT Resources on the Web  

  Russian sites
Computer law in Russia  
Materials concerning computer security collected by Vladimir Kazennov  
Open systems security materials  
Information security library  
The Official RU.NETHACK F.A.Q  
Saint-Petersburg Technical University Software security laboratory, Information Security of Computer System Chair
REGIONexpert Law and security in russian Internet
Pavel Semjanov's Home Page Russian password crackers and related links

  Mail lists
BugTraq Discussion of bugs in UNIS-systems. To subscribe send a message to LISTSERV@NETSPACE.ORG, in the message body (not in Subject!) writeSUBSCRIBE BUGTRAQ.
Archive since 1993 is available at
NT Security, in the message body - subscribe ntsecurity
WWW Security, in the message body - SUBSCRIBE www-security your_address